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Tracking Sleep

UP3 and UP4 track your sleep each night, measuring the duration and quality. With the new Automatic Sleep Detection feature, your band tracks your sleep automatically, eliminating the need to tap your band to enter and exit sleep mode. Your sleep data syncs with your UP App, providing you a detailed view of your sleep duration and the amount of time spent in various sleep states (Light, Deep, and REM). 

Viewing your sleep data

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The purple sleep progress bar on the UP app home screen displays the length of time you slept and the percentage of your sleep goal achieved. 

Tapping the progress bar leads you to the sleep summary screen, which provides a detailed graph of your sleep details. 

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The sleep summary screen displays comprehensive data collected by your tracker while you sleep, including:

  • Time you went to sleep
  • Time you woke up
  • Total time you were asleep
  • Total amount of Light sleep 
  • Total amount of Deep sleep 
  • Total amount of REM sleep 
  • Time it took to fall asleep 
  • Number of times you woke up 
  • Total time you were awake 
  • Latest Resting Heart Rate reading

If you believe that the time you were asleep is inaccurate, you can edit your sleep log by tapping on the Edit button beneath the graph information in the sleep summary screen. 

Editing your sleep log

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  1. Edit the time you went to bed, and the time you woke up. 
  2. Tap the check icon in the upper right corner to save and exit.

Tracking your sleep manually

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The UP App can also be used to manually track your sleep:

  1. Open the right menu screen.
  2. Tap Sleep Tracking.
  3. Tap Start Sleep.

Your band will vibrate and the moon icon will flash, indicating the band has entered sleep mode.

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When you wake up, choose Sleep Tracking from the right menu and tap End Sleep.

The band will vibrate and the runner icon will flash, indicating sleep tracking has ended. 

Logging sleep manually 

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You can also log the time you went to sleep and the time you woke up, even if you didn’t wear your tracker when you went to bed.

First, tap the Log Sleep icon in the purple progress bar on your homescreen.

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Next, enter the time you went to bed, and the time you woke up. 

Lastly, tap the checkmark icon in the upper right corner to save your sleep and exit.

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