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Data Analyst
At Jawbone Health, we ingest a lot of different kinds of data. Whether it is heart rate, accelerometer readings, or other sensor readings, we want to ensure that the data we receive is in the best shape possible. The scope of this role is to improve the tools we have to alert us in real-time once anomalies, gaps, or disconnects occur in our incoming sensor data. You will be interpreting and analysing data to provide consistent and timely reports on data integrity and quality. In addition to validating incoming data, you will be responsible for generating reports and informative visualisations that can quickly be made sense of.

2+ years with Python, especially using Pandas / Numpy to inspect and analyse data.
1-2 years with Python-based backends and ability to leverage web-based tools to aid in data exploration
Experience with data visualisations, preferably python-based tools to identify and clearly depict areas of interest
Experience generating reports; especially sending batch reports to stakeholders describing the status of incoming data
Excellent communication skills to describe possible solutions to medical, technical, and product stakeholders
Able to always generate quality code that is readable and efficient, backed by tests whenever possible

Preferred Qualifications:
Working knowledge of Jupyter Notebook's
Creative problem solving, especially with data visualisations and reporting approaches


San Francisco, CA, United States
San Francisco, CA, United States
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